We know from personal experience that battling drug addiction and alcoholism on your own can be a difficult process but together there is always hope!
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Costa Rica Sober Living began as a project intended to offer a safe living environment for addicts and alcoholics in the early stages of recovery. People with at least some previous experience to drug and alcohol treatment. Over time the project has evolved substantially and today we offer a wide range of personalized services including the best residential treatment service in the country.

We recognize that everyone has a different set of circumstances and we review and manage every situation individually. The results have been nothing short of amazing. We have witnessed people embrace the solution through the process of the 12 steps, take ownership of their recovery process and change the course of their lives.

Our mission is to offer the solution of recovery to any person struggling with addiction, alcoholism or substance abuse issues or co-occurring disorders and provide them with adequate help and guidance in developing a new way of life.

We consider ourselves fortunate to participate in the recovery process of our residents and hope that you will give yourself a chance, take action and join us.