We cater to English and Spanish speaking clients that are looking to break the downward spiral of drug addiction and alcoholism. We offer more than a conventional drug and alcohol rehab experience, we offer you access to a real life solution.

Our philosophy is centered on having our residents assume responsibility over their recovery process. This enables them to practice the principles of recovery while engaging in everyday life. 

We offer a program for those looking to experience lasting sobriety through action and responsibility. Together we help you develop healthy relationships with people, places and things while offering you support as you create your own vision of sobriety.

Our structured sober living prices range from $750-1000 per month depending on the room. Each room is single occupancy and comes equipped standard with a full sized bed.  Learn more

Our all inclusive residential treatment program starts at $3350. To find out about all inclusive residential treatment click here

Services Included

  • Medical check up & consultation
  • 24/7 onsite support staff
  • Random drug screens and alcohol breathalyzer tests
  • Sober companion services (additional fee per month)
  • English 12 step meetings (NA/AA Meetings)
  • In-house speaker meetings
  • Educational recovery related lectures
  • Medication monitoring and supervision
  • Financial monitoring and supervision

Referral Services