Costa Rica Sober Living has been a godsend for me.  I had been to rehab three times already and nothing had stuck!  I knew what to do and why I had to do it, but I seemed to be incapable of integrating recovery into my life long term.  Inevitably my sober life would start to feel flat and lonely, and the false memory of fun and comfort of the past would lure me back to a drink. I needed to find a better solution!  I was a good student and had diligently learned “a new way to live.”   But what I needed to find was a new life.  Costa Rica Sober Living helped me find a new life.  It gave the time and space to build a life for myself that is so much richer than the one I left behind, I have no desire to go back.  It provided me with an encouraging, nourishing, comfortable cocoon in which to slowly grow new wings and learn to fly again.

Lora F